Building Really, Really Big Android Apps

Benjamin Sautner

Senior Principal Engineer

Xfinity Home

The Xfinity Android app has an enormous range of features from controlling your wifi network to opening your garage door and viewing security videos. This talk will cover how Xfinity combines the work of hundreds of engineers into a stable app that ships to production every other week. We'll talk about how we work quickly and effectively despite the size of our app, the tools we use, and lessons we've learned on this journey

Benjamin Sautner spent 10 years working in Process Control and Automation in the chemical industry and another 10 years working as a freelance software developer. He got into Android development when he took a tech lead position designing the Horizon TV Android app, and is now the platform lead for Xfinity Home, where he has been building and maintaining the Xfinity Home Android App for the last 4 years.

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