Process death and state restoration in ViewModels

Cristian Garrido

Android developer


One of many Android challenges is the good management of the lifecycle of SDK components. Jetpack provides a set of tools to abstract a big part of this for you.
However, there’s still a problem: how to recover the state after the system kills the process of your app. Sometimes, people just don’t want to think about it and ignore it.
In this talk, you will see different approaches to achieve a proper state restoration post-process kill and why we should care about it.
By giving some insights on how lifecycles work, step by step we will compare some solutions, show you how it can be tested, visit the saved state module for ViewModel, and how to integrate all of this using Dagger.

I'm a Chilean guy living in France for 6 years now.
I follow Android since version éclair and always had amazed me how big is the platform and how much we can learn out of it.
I'm really excited about knowing new people in the community!

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