The effects of Kotlin inside Android apps and libraries

Eric Lafortune

Founder & CTO


Many Android developers are working in Kotlin nowadays. On Android, your Kotlin source code gets compiled to Java byte code, and eventually to Dalvik bytecode. How is the result different compared to starting from Java source code then? Is it compatible? Can it be as compact? Is it as secure?

We'll look at the differences. We've extended our open source code optimizer ProGuard and our protection software DexGuard to fully support Kotlin. We'll now share our experiences and point out what can be important in your apps and in your libraries. We'll demonstrate a new open source tool to view the
Kotlin metadata hiding inside your apps. We'll show how to optimize and obfuscate Kotlin libraries in such a way that they remain compatible in other Kotlin projects.

Armed with this knowledge, you'll better understand your own Kotlin projects and you can tune them to create more compact and more secure software.

Eric Lafortune is the creator of ProGuard and its specialized sibling for Android, DexGuard. He is obsessed with making applications more compact, more efficient, and better protected against attacks. He is the founder and CTO of GuardSquare, where they put this obsession to good use.

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