Kotlin Coroutines: Threading Made Easy in Android

Eury Perez

Senior Android Developer


Async and Threading are words that very often scare the developers. Traditionally we have managed some of those tasks with the now deprecated AsyncTask, but that callback oriented way has some limitations.

Let's learn how we can refactor our legacy background operations using callbacks for a graceful and very optimized way using Kotlin Coroutines.

You will get started with Kotlin coroutines, learn how to perform multiple operations in parallel or performing sequential operations.

Eury is an experienced mobile developer with more than 6 years of experience in that field and more than 9 of general software development experience. He co-organizes the Google's Developer Group, Developer Students Club and Women Techmakers programs in Santo Domingo.

He lives in the heart of the Caribbean, in the Dominican Republic. But has been working with international teams since 2013 when he joined a Canadian startup focused on mobile development. In 2014 he joined Instacarro one of the fastest growing startup in LATAM based in Brazil as an Android Senior Developer.

At this moment he is working for BeachBody, the lead fitness company in the United States through the 100% LA based remote company: X-Team. He also loves to teach and serves as an Android consultant for local companies in the Dominican Republic and used to teach computer science in the most important school of Santo Domingo (Carol Morgan School).

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