Security by Design for Mobile Application Development

Ivan Kinash

Co-founder and CEO


At what point in the development process do you normally think about your app's security? Despite the best intentions, it can often be a bit of an afterthought.

Security by design thinking is about a shift in mindset. It means you develop your application with security as a key consideration at every stage of the process. And the responsibility for its security is shared across the company.

The end result? You avoid the vulnerabilities that can creep in when security is only considered at the very end of the process. And you end up with a safer app for your end users.

In this session, we'll share our key security by design principles with you that you can use in your own development process.

Ivan is the co-founder and CEO of Licel. Founded in 2011, Licel is the home of DexProtector, which offers instant protection for iOS and Android apps from static and dynamic attacks. It secures apps across industries, from some of the world's biggest banks to global car manufacturers.

Licel has offices in Los Angeles and London. Ivan works mostly out of the London office, which is just around the corner from the site of the 2012 Olympic Games.

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