Kotlin Compiler Plugin - Write your own code transformer without dealing with bytecode

Jingbo Yang

Software Engineer


This talk will introduce learnings from Facebook’s first explorations using Kotlin Compiler Plugins. Kotlin Compiler Plugins are a powerful tool that can transform your source code inline, and we will provide step-by-step code instruction on how.

Kotlin Compiler Plugins, though powerful, aren’t broadly used yet due to lack of documentation and the difficulty of manipulating bytecode. Our talk will explain not only how to write a Compiler Plugin, but also how to easily parse and transform source code as text and avoid the difficulties of working with bytecode. We hope by showing these techniques more engineers will be able to unlock the power of Kotlin Compiler Plugins.

I graduated from Columbia University with a Masters degree in Computer Science and have spent the last 7 years as an Android Developer at Facebook. After an initial stint on a product development team, I’ve focused the last 5 years on Android performance and concurrency optimization. This included notable improvements to Facebook's primary News Feed surface. In the last year I have joined our effort to bring Kotlin to the Facebook App, including advanced topics such as Dependency Injection in Kotlin and Kotlin Compiler Plugins. I'm looking forward to sharing my findings and hearing yours!

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