Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Production Considerations

Kevin Galligan



Through 2020 and into 2021, Kotlin Multiplatform for mobile development code sharing will see increasing adoption and maturity. As real teams approach putting code into production, there are real questions that go beyond the simple proof-of-concept level.

We have been working with several orgs on bringing KMM to production, and have researched many of these issues. In this talk, I'll discuss the status of bringing KMM to production and touch on some of our findings. Topics include:
- Binary size impact
- Build and deployment options
- Tooling options
- Performance
- Concurrency
- What JetBrains has planned for the future, and how that will impact you...

KMM is still very much in the early adopter phase, but many teams are using it in production. Hopefully this talk will help you determine if KMM is right for you now, and how the situation is changing over time.

Kevin Galligan is a Partner at Touchlab. He has 20 years of professional software development experience, and has been working on Android since the first public platform release. Kevin is currently focused on developing and evangelizing Kotlin multiplatform native tools for the next generation of mobile development.

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