Preparing Your App's Architecture for Declarative UI

Meha Garg & Akshata Ramesh

Android Developer & Android Engineer


With various Android architectural patterns in the mix & the prospect of declarative UI courtesy of Jetpack Compose, we look towards architectures that can better organize and compartmentalize the key segments of an app or feature. In this talk, we will take apart concepts from the MVI architecture used on Android, and the VIPER architecture used on iOS to conceive of a hybrid, one that is conducive to both imperative and declarative UI.

Android Enthusiast

She was a front-end web developer at Yahoo when Android development caught her eye, and she has never been the same since. That was a little over 6 years ago when she moved to work with the Android teams at Yahoo and Tumblr.

Currently, she works at Tinder trying to enrich the way users communicate with one another, while also striving to think about ways to make UI development more intuitive and predictable. She's passionate about adopting advancements in UI development that enhance and accelerate the journey from concept to creation of rich, lively applications.

When not exploring new technologies in UI development, she dabbles in music production and considers herself to be a fairly good amateur DJ.

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