Embedded to Embeddable: The Story Kit Story

Melissa O'Sullivan

Software Engineer

Snap Inc

Modularizing an app is all the rage, but what about taking it to the next level? SDKs. Have you ever wanted to take a central feature in your app, rebuild it, and publish it as an SDK? Well if so, Melissa, from the Snap Kit team at Snap Inc. is here to talk about doing just that with Snapchat’s Story Player - an SDK that plays Snapchat Stories. This session will cover how the Snap Player SDK (aka Story Kit) was built from scratch to replicate the Snap Player features in a reasonably sized SDK. She will walk through the design of the Snap Player SDK covering some interesting details on features including the preloading, decryption, caching, scaling, rendering of Snaps and transitions between Snaps in a Story. Along the way she will touch on some lessons learned in this process including:
- Differences in goals between SDK development and app development
- Weighing tradeoffs between desired feature complexity and SDK size
- Tips for designing SDKs that are usable for a wide variety of app structuresv

Melissa has been a software engineer at Snap for 4 years. On the Snap Kit team she develops various Android integrations to bring Snapchat experiences into other apps.

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