Let's get that page with Paging 3

Monika Kumar Jethani

Android engineer

Walmart Global Tech

The Paging library helps to load and display chunks(pages) of data of a larger dataset from local storage or over network, thereby using both network bandwidth and system resources more efficiently.
Paging 3 library introduced by Google recently offers significant improvements over Paging 2 library.

This talk will cover the following,
1- What’s new in Paging 3(including built-in error handling, refresh and retry mechanism, first-class support for Kotlin, Coroutines, Flow, LiveData and Rx, enabling multiple requests aren’t triggered at the same time, built-in separator, header, and footer support,
requests the next page when the user has scrolled to the end of the list)
2- App Architecture with Paging 3.
3- Getting started with Paging 3(Introduction to Paging 3 Components and code walkthrough of an app that uses Paging 3 with Network and Database)
4- Benefits of Paging 3.

By the end of this talk, the attendees will be equipped will all information required to get started and use Paging 3 library in their apps.

Monika is an Android engineer having 6 years of experience in IT. She is currently working at Walmart Global Tech India and is a regular Android/Kotlin speaker at mobile development conferences/meetups. She writes code, reads code and speaks about code. Last, but not the least, she shares her birthday with Java :)

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