Setting up an Android project with Travis CI

Montana Mendy


Travis CI

Continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) are core principles of the DevOps topic - allowing individual developers and development teams to build and release outstanding, bug-free software, even while they sleep. For developers at any stage in their career, DevOps is a topic that cannot be ignored, and the sooner the principles of CI/CD are adopted, the sooner the developer can focus on building amazing software rather than getting bogged down in tracking hard to find bugs or fixing errors in production environments.

In this beginner session, we’ll show you how to integrate Travis CI’s test and build automation into an existing Android project, allowing you to take advantage of reduced time from code to deployment. We’ll show you best practices you can implement yourself, common gotchas to look out for and how to fix them, and how build automation eliminates releasing buggy code.

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