Sketch The Docs: Visual Storytelling For Developers

Nitya Narasimhan

Senior Cloud Advocate, Developer Relations,


Did you know that 65% of users are visual learners? Visual learning is a powerful tool for communicating complex concepts in constrained spaces, while also improving later recall of that information. More importantly, visual vocabularies can be more inclusive to diverse audiences by using imagery, iconography, typography, color and other navigational cues that transcend languages. And, they improve your own understanding and recall of ideas in ways that can help with public speaking, technical documentation and more.

In this talk, I'll review my roadmap for visual storytelling - from sketchnoting to visual metaphors - and walk through the basic techniques you'll need to get started on your own visual storytelling journey. Come learn how you can "sketch the docs" and build skills to make you a better communicator and listener.

Nitya Narasimhan is a PhD and Polyglot with over two decades of software development experience spanning mobile, web and distributed systems. She is currently a Senior Cloud Advocate in Microsoft Developer Relations - and is focused on empowering native, multi-platform, web and citizen developers to rethink mobile experiences for dual-screen, cloud and AI capabilities.

When not avidly exploring her Surface Duo, she spends her time talking about self-care, public speaking, community-building and visual storytelling. Follow her adventures on or @nitya on Twitter.

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