Building Performant And Secure Server-Driven User Interfaces

Saurabh Arora

Senior Android Engineer

Rakuten Viki

Most content discovery apps have a remotely configurable home page with dynamic rows of content. A fully server-driven page allows product teams to test out different content placements, titles, graphics, and much more. Making this screen performant, configurable, and testable is extremely important as this is the first impression the user has of our app. This talk will explore the implementation details of a screen like this, what lessons were learned from it, and what you need to know before embarking on such a project.

We’ll explore techniques to improve the performance of nested RecyclerViews, maintaining scroll state, lazy loading, accurate analytics, and much more. We’ll also dive into how we made the implementation testable, secure, and less prone to abuse.v

Saurabh has been building Android apps for 5 years. Currently a part of the Android team at Viki, Singapore, he has been instrumental in increasing the capabilities and performance of the Viki app, which has been nominated for Google Play Awards, been an Android Excellence awardee, part of the editor's choice apps and launch partners for Android Go and Instant Apps.

Outside of work, he is a big tennis and cricket fan.

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