UI patterns and custom accessibility actions

Shailen Tuli

Developer Programs Engineer


You've implemented swipe-to-dismiss, and your drag-and-drop and pinch-to-zoom features are working beautifully. But how do you make any of this accessible? For example, what about users who cannot see the screen or touch it, or those who cannot perform the pinch, drag, or swipe gestures? How do *they* get to use your app's cool functionality?

Enter custom accessibility actions. In this talk, you'll earn about AndoridX APIs that allow you to easily extend your app's functionality to users of accessibility services who might otherwise not be able to properly interact with your app.

This talk is intended for engineers and designers and assumes no prior knowledge of Android accessibility.

Shailen is a Developer Programs Engineer working in Android Developer Relations at Google. He is focused on making it easy for developers to make Android apps accessible.

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