Designing apps for New Internet Users

Soham Mondal

Founder at Triveous, Google Developer Expert for User Experience


As per Bain and Euromonitor (, nearly one billion new Internet users came online in between 2013 and 2017 and almost half of them were from 11 developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. For a lot of these users, mobile phones are their first computing device and they are not familiar with most design patterns we take for granted.

Over the past year, I have helped IDEO (a global leader in the design space) create the digital confidence ( framework aimed at helping designers and developers build solutions that new internet users love using. I will be going into the details of the framework and how you can leverage it to create an app that these "new internet users" can use confidently.

Topics covered:
- Who is a "new internet user"
- Obstacles new internet users face:
- How to solve these problems, Inspiration and Provocation (how other apps are solving this effectively)
- Introduction to the digital confidence toolkit by IDEO, Google and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Soham is the founder of Triveous, a startup based out of Bangalore, India and he has created the Audio Recording platform "Skyro".

He is focused on user experience design and android and has worked on multiple products in India and across the world. He is also a UX mentor at the Google Launchpad program in Bangalore, India and a Google Developer Expert for User Experience.

He has also consulted with many companies like Google, IDEO, Khoslalabs, Enparadigm, Fastfilmz and others.

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