A Tale of Two Threading Models

Alexander Stigsen



It was the best of performance, it was the worst of debuggability. Mobile applications inherently require multithreading. This complexity has spawned innumerable libraries and design patterns to guard against losing countless hours solving incomprehensible bugs.

During this talk, we will discuss how developers have tried to solve this with mutexes, immutability, and thread-confinement. We believe that two design patterns have emerged: immutable objects and transactional objects. We will compare and contrast these two implementations and show how Realm’s new Kotlin Native SDK with Multiplatform support walks a fine line between the two, helping developers more easily deliver bug-free multithreaded mobile applications.

Formerly a systems engineer at Nokia, Alexander Stigsen founded Realm as a Y Combinator company in 2011. With the singular goal of helping mobile developers build better apps, faster.

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