Kotlin Multiplatform in Action: more than 10 projects for iOS and Android with Shared code

Alexandr Pogrebnyak



I will be happy to share our experience and open source library for Kotlin Multiplatform development: this is a way how to do native mobile apps with single shared code with while business logic.

We know that going to talk – we have been doing Kotlin Multiplatform already more than 1 year and have been working on 10 mobile projects on this (6 in Stores and 4 in production).
Our expertise was approved by community (https://blog.usejournal.com/the-dos-and-donts-of-mobile-development-with-kotlin-multiplatform-db7c098545c0) and JetBrains, the creator on Kotlin.

As the result, we done a open source library that helps to do multiplatform projects as easy as native, just a few steps, but for both platforms at the same time.

The Key features ok Kotlin MPP and our library are:
1. Significantly reducing development cost and time based on reusable modules and components: from 4-6 months development time become is 1-2 weeks.
2. Platform allows full OSs support (iOS, Android) and native UI user experience based on native programming language (Kotlin) and the newest technology stack (Kotlin Multiplatform).
3. Single Code Instance for iOS and Android platforms increase quality and make architecture is more confidential.
4. Kotlin is a game changer right now in mobile industry (Google preferrers it to Java) and Jave developers move to Kotlin very quickly https://youtu.be/PsaFVLr8t4E?t=435

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4 years CEO at IceRock.dev

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