Modular architecture inspired by Event Sourcing & Actors

Bob Dahlberg

Tech Lead Mobile


Building an app truly modular is hard. Lending ideas from actors and event sourcing is one approach I've found successful.
I've used it for several applications over the last couple of years, started with Java & Rx.

With Kotlin coroutines, channels, and flows we can now even omit Rx or other external libraries to make it happen.

From this session, you'll get inspiration and some practical examples of the following:
- Encapsulated mutable state
- Modularization
- Event sourcing and what benefits it gives an app.
- Exchanging Rx for coroutines, channels, and flows.

I will show one concrete implementation and discuss variations that might suit your app better.

I have been a developer since I started my first company in high school. I've built large campaign frameworks, several video players and chats, streaming services, mobile apps, and microservices to support them. At the moment my main languages are Kotlin, Java, and Scala and my main platforms are Android and AWS. I've always been an asynchronous programmer since day one and was used to work both reactive and functional before it became hip.

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