Making your Espresso sweeter

Daniel McClelland

Automation Practice Lead

Trade Me

While Espresso is an incredibly powerful UI automation framework, it can be daunting to implement in a way that easily scales. Daniel works at Trade Me - one of New Zealand's biggest Tech employers - and spends a lot of his day worrying about scale. Chief among them: how to make speedy and reliable testing frameworks that are easily adopted, a breeze to maintain, and owned by dozens of engineers across many skill-levels and geographies. No small task!

Daniel's keen to share his journey with Espresso with you. He'll demonstrates the way forwards that he and Trade Me have chosen, that results in beautiful test code, able to be written by anyone.

Key takeaways:
- Page Object Design Pattern optimises for maintainability
- Abstracting Espresso itself can make the code more readable
- Mocking API calls increases the speed, reliability and repeatability of your tests
- Internal libraries make code shareable between application codebases
- Taking this approach makes life easier for cross-platform teams

Daniel loves automating things, and doing whatever it takes to accelerate the delivery of shippable software. He's been working in Tech since 2006. He's tested apps everywhere, from ancient disk-based enterprise software, through to the latest and greatest wearables and apps for your TV. He's also a semi-professional musician, look him up on your favourite streaming services to check out his one-man-band approach to pop/rock.

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