Understanding Navigator 2.0 in Flutter

Dominik Roszkowski

Flutter Developer

One of the major refactors in Flutter SDK in 2020 was introduction of Navigator 2.0. New API brings declarative navigation and opens a lot of possibilities for customization. Even though it's not widely available, we can already use some parts of it in the stable channel of Flutter SDK. Learn why and how to use new Pages API and how to transition from current imperative navigation system to brand new declarative realm. You'll learn about the brand new Router widget and how to handle hardware interaction in your Flutter app.

Dominik is experienced Flutter Developer eager to create beautiful apps for mobile and desktop. He's co-founder of Flutter Europe conference and Flutter Warsaw meetup. He is active speaker on local meetups and conferences and writes Flutter-related articles on his blog roszkowski.dev. He's been working as a deputy manager of PW-Sat2 student satellite project.

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