Reactive App Orchestration with StateFlow

Harry Timothy

Android Engineer


This session includes:
- Introduction to StateFlow.
- How to adopt StateFlow to app architecture.
- How to provide app orchestration using StateFlow + LiveData.
- How to test StateFlow implementations.

In today's app development, it is common to see Coroutines implementations in our architecture. It is not difficult to learn how to work with suspend functions. And some people have constantly switching from Rx Observables to Flow. But has anyone ever heard of StateFlow? Is it important to know about it?

Today there are some companies in Asia with Conservative Engineering Practices. They hesitate to adopt LiveData in Data Layer just because it is coming from Android Framework. But now Kotlin has a solution similar to LiveData which conservatives can adopt: The StateFlow. And it has a great potential to turn your app into a deadly state engine, just like LiveData did!

Android Engineer with 7 years of coding experience. A Kotlin enthusiast who loves to preach its latest updates to people. Currently working at DANA, Indonesia's best TechFin Startup, serving more than 50 million users nationwide.

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