Compose your next app

Himanshu Singh & Niharika Arora

Google Developer Expert

Roomi & 1mg

This talk would be focused on helping developers understand how to use the new Jetpack Compose UI toolkit in your application.
This session would be divided into the following sections,
1. How to start composing your UI?
2. Understanding what Compose does under the hood.
3. Making a Custom View that can be integrated into your existing application.
4. Testing in Jetpack Compose
5. Future of Compose with Multiplatform
6. Fun experiments with Compose

We are going to develop some amazing UI set using compose and in the process, will build some custom UI widgets. We will integrate it with existing Android Architecture components like ViewModel, LiveData, Pagination, etc.

I am a Google Developer Expert, with Android being my core. I also work on Go. I am an Open Source Contributor, blogger, and speaker. I have worked with Companies in Fintech,Health & Fitness and Fast-moving consumer goods Sector as Software Developer. I focus on Architectures and Solid Design principles for Development of Apps

I am a Google Developer Expert for Android and currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at 1mg. I am an active blogger, open-source contributor and a public speaker. Apart from coding stuff, I love to mentor people to help them learn and grow.

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