Navigation in multi-module projects, and the problem with AndroidX Navigation

Isaac Udy

Android Engineer


Navigation is a fundamental aspect of any Android application. The AndroidX Navigation library sets out to provide an easy way to handle navigation in an application. Unfortunately, AndroidX Navigation doesn't work very well in multi-module projects. So what can you do about this?

This session will cover:
- Why I think navigation is interesting
- The challenges I have faced with AndroidX Navigation
- Approaches for navigation in multi-module projects
- An alternative way of thinking about the screens in your application

Isaac is an Android developer from Wellington, New Zealand. He's worked in contracting roles, at an AR/VR start-up, and is coming up on three years at Xero. He's interested in modularisation and how to scale engineering effort from a technical perspective. He's also very interested in navigation on Android and builds/maintains an alternative to AndroidX Navigation named Enro.

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