Declarative UI ❤️ Kotlin Multiplatform!

John O'Reilly

Android Engineer


In this session I'll demonstrate the power of both Kotlin Multiplatform and emerging Declarative UI frameworks like Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI by live coding the development of an Android and iOS app.

I've been exploring these technologies over the last 2 years or so (some related articles at and hope to show that when combined they provide a productivity sweet spot for the development of mobile multiplatform applications.

The shared Kotlin code will also make use of the following multiplatform libraries:
- Ktor
- Kotlinx Serialization
- SQLDelight

Have been developing Android apps since 2010. Worked on server side Java applications in the 2000s, and desktop clients in the 1990s (career has conveniently lined up along decade boundaries. Waiting in anticipation to see what the 20s brings :) ).

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