Reverse engineer your your Manager

Nemo Oudeis

Principal Application Architect


Do you enjoy company evaluation time?

Your code reads like poetry, your unit tests are behavior driven executable specifications, the animations you implemented are the best that has ever happened to you app since sliced bread.
However when evaluation time rolls around there's always something to keep you from your goals: joining that cool project, getting that raise, becoming tech lead/product manager/engineering manager etc.
How come your manager doesn't understand....?

We focus a lot on hard tech we often forget to plan our professional and career development. Getting better at Android is simply not enough to reach your goals.
In this session we will dive how you get the recognition you deserve by utilizing your manager.

* What do you want?
* Reverse engineering your manager
** What does your manager want?
** What does your business want?
** What does your HR want?
** How to make it easy for your manager?
* Manage your manager
** Set expectations with your manager
** Tell your manager what to do
** Ask your manager for help
** Set goals for your manager

Key takeaways:
After this session you will
* have an actionable plan for the next 6-12 months on how to utilize your manager to maximize your career progress.
* understand how you manager thinks

This sessions targets:
* anybody from entry level positions up to middle management
* working at a medium-large company with middle management structures and dedicated HR
(If you work at an early stage startup or are a freelancer this session is not very actionable.)

The session is based on my experience in Rakuten, where I moved from entry level android developer, to senor engineer, to tech lead and to application architect over the last 5 years. Another other major influence is books, in particular "Soft Skills: The software developer's life manual" and "Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams".

Keywords: Career & levelling up & skill focussed talks

Hi 👋
I care about delivery apps for humans. That has lead me down a rabbit hole of testing, automation, application architecture and strongly held opinions on development practices and processes.
I work as a principal application architect at Rakuten. In that role I lead teams in building systems (mobile apps, distributed systems) and organizations.

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