Get Ready to Duck: Coroutines with an Air Cannon

Nick Dipatri

Principal Engineer


Traditional asynchronous paradigms such as callbacks and RxJava use ‘continuation passing,’ which litters our code with boilerplate ceremony. If you want Coroutines to turn your asynchronous code into a thing of beauty, come take a clean and simple live-coding journey from ‘Hello World’ to a fully functioning IOT ping-pong air cannon. Even if you’ve already been using Coroutines, this talk is for you. So get ready to duck!

Nick DiPatri has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers and has spent the last 20 years building hardware and software systems for Philadelphia companies. He is currently a Principal Engineer at Comcast. Nick is a 'maker' at heart and loves to build gadgets using epoxy, 3D printing, microprocessors, and blinky lights.

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