A/B Testing Android Apps with Firebase

Rosário Pereira Fernandes

Google Developer Expert


There are a lot of decisions developers need to make when developing an app, such as: selecting the best color for a button, how often an ad will be shown or how fast the protagonist of our game should run. While these might seem like small changes, they can make a huge influence on your app’s success when put together.

In this talk, Rosário will show you how to run A/B tests using Firebase, how to interpret the test results and the recommended actions to take based on those results.

Expect to come out of the session with knowledge on how Firebase Remote Config integrates with Google Analytics for Firebase to help you make better decisions for your app’s success.

Rosário P. Fernandes is a Firebase GDE, Mobile App Developer at MozDevz and Organizer at GDG Maputo.
Rosário has made many contributions to the Firebase Open Source Community and answered hundreds of questions on StackOverflow. He generally helps developers improving the way they develop their apps.
When he's not doing one of these things, he enjoys playing video games

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