Building for the next Billions

Abel Adugam Ayuba

Founder & CEO

Softdroom Inc

Developing for a lot of users can be somewhat challenging, many developers will, in general, make few costly mistakes while building applications and subsequently we discover those applications don't generally succeed, this discussion will spin around a lot of variables that a developer needs to consider, the best practices, do's and don't while & after development. Things like User Interface design, screen resolutions, Different compositions, contrasts in clients regions, various dialects users might speak, Internet network and a lot of interesting things.

I am an Innovative, Successful and Responsible Android Developer with 3+ long stretches of experience structuring, creating, testing, and keeping up Android applications, having stunning and alluring User Interface (UI), Using great technology tools like Java, material design, android studio, using version control technology is awesome (GIT). I am Passionate and roused, with a drive for greatness.

I am a Gitlab Hero, I am the founder and CEO of a company called Softdroom. I allude my self as a Tech evangelist I appreciate sharing and talking about technology.

People besides call me the sticker man. "He loves giving stickers"

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