Android Shell Like a Jedi

Alex Ivanov

Android Framework Engineer


As Android Developers, we've all been in the same debugging loop - do some clicks in the app to reproduce the bug, analyze the result, repeat. It's often quite annoying and time-consuming.
In this live-coding talk, I'll show how we could shorten that loop with lesser-known ADB commands on practical challenges that developers face daily.
Moreover, we'll talk about the "dumpsys" command that could be used to collect the application state to debug the app. In the end, I'll present some examples of how we use these commands at Yandex.

Alex works on the Android internals powering Yandex.Auto multimedia system for cars (think of something similar to Android Automotive).
He is a frequent lecturer and speaker in local dev schools and meetups.
Alex is a fan of Supergiant Games and also has a supergiant cat named Ginger Kebab.

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