Refresh, renew, refactor: modernising a large Android app with many users

Andrey Liashuk & Maia Grotepass

Android Engineer


Luno is a native Android app that makes it safe and easy to buy, store and learn about cryptocurrencies. The first commit to the repo was Jul 25 2014. It currently has ~ 1 150 000 active users. Maia and Andrey will tell us how Luno refactored the app into the 21 century with architecture updates, kotlin conversions and the addition of co-routines. All these changes were done while continuing to ship versions to the customers. We will look at the technical side of the refactor as well as team structure and mobile devops approach to make such an ongoing mammoth task a success.

*Key take aways and learning points*
Practical experience report of adding architecture patterns, coroutines and kotlin conversions to a large existing native Android code base.
Tips to coordinate changes among a large distributed team.
Mobile devops information on how to achieve a refactor without disrupting users.

*Experience level*
Andrey is an Android engineer at Luno. He is involved in the team that spearheaded the app refresh. He has experience in migrating apps to modern architectures and technologies. He never gets tired of refactoring legacy code. Andrey can investigate, proof of concept and build using emerging technologies, in various programming languages. His passion is coroutines.

Maia is an Android engineer at Luno. At Luno she is part of a feature team that has to incorporate refactors with delivering feature work. She has extensive experience in working on larger android teams and working as a freelance Android developer. She has been coding for native Android since Cupcake. Her current passion is Kotlin and testing.

Android developer with 5 years of broad experience in a variety of projects. Started career with C# and as a full-stack developer (PHP and JavaScript). Now the technology stack includes Java and Kotlin as the main programming languages and Android SDK.

Android dev since Cupcake. Kotlin enthusiast. Dog lover.

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