Digital Nomad. Pros and cons

Artur Badretdinov

Mobile Team Lead

Squire Technologies

The world started its shifting to remote. Many people tried work from home with its pros and cons.

But have you heard about Digital Nomads? Maybe, you wanted to become one? What is it like to work not from the office not only because you have to, but because you love to?

My wife and I have worked from 20+ countries in Europe, South and North Americas, Australia, and Asia during the last three years. We had to overcome some complexities and felt the pleasures of such a lifestyle.

Join the talk, and I'll share my hands-on experience of being a digital nomad. Hidden rocks and nice moments. Things to think about and gotchas in the trip planning and teamwork. What do you need to keep in mind if your team is distributed in 15 time zones from California to India and Bali.

Started programming from school, because it's fun!

Got Master degrees in Computer Science and Software Engineering when understood that nowadays it is important to be a team player and to write code in a way that it will be understandable and modifiable.

Google Developer Group Lead in Russia, love to get knowledge and share my experience.

Developed backend apps on Java then decided to be closer to users and dove into Android development: school journal, banking app and video ringtones.

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