The Flexible Flutter : Multi modularisation & Seamless Integration with Native and Web

Ashank Bharati & Natesh Bhat

Mobile Developer

@ Nuclei

Nuclei being an ultimate digital banking solution, emphasises on seamless customer experience and integration of multiple sdks (like recharge, flight booking, bill-payments etc.) to bank's legacy systems, which once embedded within the bank’s app, enables them to increase customer engagement through several merchant and wealth management services.
The engineering team at Nuclei puts forth a multi module setup with gRPC in order to build multiple categories in the form of sdks both for Android and iOS, on two different codebases. Exploiting this multi-module setup through a unified code-base like that of Flutter, in order to increase our productivity, and maintainability has been a great challenge for us!
The session would be inclusive of the following:
1. Building multi-module flutter sdks in accordance with already existing legacy native android/iOS code
2. Integration of flutter built modules with native android (A Multi-modular approach)
3. Seamless flutter-native communication in order to be able to exploit already built libraries, and native core ui components (major time and resource saviour)
4. gRPC setup in flutter - building the client interceptor
5. Custom Navigation stack implementation for handling both android activity and flutter screens together.
6. Adopting the flutter codebase for web, for quick and smart shipment/integration in android and iOS legacy banks apps.
7. Adopting the sole idea of - "Code once on one platform and integrate on different platforms" by building flutter packages which return platform specific code(web/android/iOS), once integrated.
8. The way of overcoming a heap of challenges that we faced and contributing to the flutter community in parallel.
9. A sneak into our latest build categories in flutter in sync with our native codebase.
Let's dive deep and know what Nuclei as a growing fin-tech startup is trying to achieve.

Mobile Developer at Nuclei, based in Bangalore, India, focusing on building an integrated API platform, which once embedded within the bank's app, enables them to increase customer engagement through several merchant and wealth management services, while providing a seamless experience.
After graduating in 2019, have spent past one year in the Mobile space, specifically in native android and flutter development.
At Nuclei, worked on various sdks, core modules, and have built a bunch of reusable components with best design practices to be seamlessly integrated to legacy bank apps.
Mentored a set of new developers on the Android platform and design principles.
Apart from that, a singer, a growing musician, a cook, a biker, an adventurer, a volunteer and an avid yoga practitioner.

Engineer by Passion, Developer by Profession, Singer by heart, YouTuber, Musician, frequent OSS contributor, Microsoft SP

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