Stately and Composed

Etienne Caron


Libraries like RxJava, LiveData and Flow have made it easy to build, observe and react to data streams. But the story sours when you try to consume those streams with a static, XML-backed UI.

Jetpack Compose is the missing puzzle piece. We'll soon have an excellent first-party solution that will make it easy to build reactive UIs with dynamic data streams.

In this session, we will explore how Jetpack Compose empowers us to push the envelope of UI and UX interactions. We'll learn about State management, Unidirectional Data Flow, and how Jetpack Compose keeps things efficient while reacting to changes in your application State.

Etienne Caron is part of Google's Developer Expert program, an instructor for, and a freelance software development consultant. Etienne has been an active member of the Android developer community in Montreal since 2010, and regularly contributes time to mentoring startups, developers and students in the mobile space.

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