How to build crash-free SDK. Facebook Audience Network experience

Iurii Ashaiev

Software Engineer


One of the biggest challenges an app has to overcome to be successful is stability. According to Qualitest, 88% of app users will abandon apps based on bugs and glitches. Making sure that your users have a smooth and stable experience might not guarantee success. But an unstable app will definitely guarantee an app’s failure.
According to SafeDK, an average Android app integrates 18.2 SDKs making app stability highly dependent on the SDKs.
The Facebook Audience Network that grown significantly in the past few years, reaching #2 of all ad-network SDKs, integrated into over 33% of all apps that use ad-network SDKs.
This makes our team responsible for the stability of a dozen thousands of apps. In the session, I will talk about our best practices, tools, and processes that we use to address these challenges.

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