Compose for existing apps

Manuel Vivo & Chris Banes

Android Developer Relations Engineers


Jetpack Compose is now in alpha and you might want to start adding it to your existing apps. In this talk, you'll learn how to do that! We'll cover topics such as: adding Compose to your existing Views and embedding Views in Compose, using your existing View theme and current app architecture in Compose, testing all of that code, and much more.

Manuel is an Android Developer Relations Engineer at Google. With previous experience at Capital One, he currently focuses on App Architecture, Kotlin & Coroutines, Dependency Injection and Jetpack Compose.

Chris is an engineer working in Android Developer Relations at Google. He previously worked on the Android Support Libraries, most notably AppCompat, Design and Palette. He has worked on Android things for over 8 years, from open source libraries to media apps, social networks and most stuff in between.

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