And that, folks, is how we shared code between Android, iOS and the Backend

Marco Gomiero

Tech Lead


Kotlin Multiplatform is an experimental feature that you can use to share code between different platforms. Even if it is an experimental feature, it is already possible to start using it in production applications.

In this talk, I will share the discussion that led us to Kotlin Multiplatform, and the following processes we put in place to start using it in production for an Android, iOS, and backend project. I will show you what parts of the code you can (gradually) start to share and how to integrate with existing standalone projects.

I'm working as Uniwhere Tech Lead, where I manage the end-to-end development of a platform with half a million users.

I'm a Kotlin lover with a Computer Engineering degree, I have experience with native Android and native iOS development, as well as cross-platform development with React Native, Flutter and Kotlin Multiplatform.

In my spare time I write and maintain open source code, I share my dev experience by speaking at confs and organizing events with the Google Developer Group Venezia and I play basketball.

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