Acing your tests with KMP

Marco Signoretto & Mina Eweida

Android Engineer


We are Marco Signoretto and Mina Eweida, Senior Android Engineers at Careem.
We are part of the platform team and one of our goals is to build and share as much business logic across Android/iOS using Kotlin Multiplatform (sometimes even JVM and JS) as possible thereby improving the stability of both the Android and iOS applications. We have been using Kotlin Multiplatform in production since 2 years ago and we are investing heavily in building reliable KMP code.
In this talk we will explain how to prepare your Kotlin Multiplatform feature ready for production.In particular we will focus on testing. We will discuss good strategies for structuring projects and maximizing testability for both platforms.
We will also introduce a library for Mocking that we built to enable us to test and mock objects in common and that will be open sourced by Careem and how we use this library to write Unit and Integration tests for Kotlin Multiplatform.
By the end of the talk, attendees will:
* be able to write tests that run on multiple platforms and mock dependencies
* be aware of testing issues with KMP
* be able to find mutability issues in iOS from common tests
* have a general overview on using KMP in production ready code
* have more trust on KMP reliability and how it can improve productivity

I'm and Android engineer that love coding and experiment new technologies

Mina is an Android engineer at Careem who enjoys KFC and playing Fifa not at the same time

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