Writing Kotlin Compiler Plugins with Arrow Meta

Mohit Sarveiya

Android Engineer

Writing a compiler plugin is an uncharted area for many. There is very little documentation. It requires a lot of scaffolding. With the introduction of Arrow Meta, writing compiler plugins just got easier. It's a library that provides a functional API for creating plugins.

In this talk, we’ll learn about how to write and test compiler plugins with Arrow Meta. This library provides an API for source transformations, automatic code refactoring, and much more. We’ll look at main use cases from type classes, comprehensions, and lenses that are made possible with Arrow Meta. We’ll also look at how to test each use case

Under the hood, Arrow Meta supplements the compiler by hooking into the various compilation phases. We’ll look at the architecture of Arrow Meta and how this works. We’ll also explore the potential Kotlin multiplatform support. By the end of this talk, you will have a tool that you could use to create plugins.

Mohit Sarveiya is an Android Engineer and a Kotlin advocate. Prior to building Android apps, he was a Backend Engineer. He was an early adopter of Kotlin and absolutely loves the language. He has given many talks and workshops on Kotlin.

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