Split Architecture & Inner Source. Let the developers spread their wings!

Paweł Helm & Jacek Filo

Android Developer & Technical Lead


How to develop code with a group of 300 developers in your company? How to deploy new functionalities for more than 30 markets? How to maintain code quality standards in such an environment, and how to make the whole process effective? In HSBC the answer to all these questions is called Inner Source and Split Architecture. During this talk, you will learn not only how to design Multi-Module Applications Architecture with reusable core functionalities, but you will also get insights into all the challenges your team may face during development. Furthermore, it will be explained how to introduce new feature functionalities across different applications and markets in the most effective way with the power of Gradle. Finally, you will get the recipe on how to establish a community around the Inner Source in your company to keep developers engaged and passionate about their work. In HSBC we believe that we found the way how to manage large and complex applications environments and we want to share it with you.

Paweł is an Android Developer with almost 7 years’ experience. He specializes in developing banking applications and has several of them in his portfolio. He is passionate about mobile security and application architecture. Currently, he is working in HSBC in Cracow where he focuses mostly on developing feature journeys and delivering them to the clients.

Worked as a Android developer for few big brands, now having a role of Technical Leader in biggest of them - HSBC. Passionate especially about performance and security. Always keen to learn some new things, see new places.

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