Fueled Reactive apps with Asynchronous Flow

Raul Hernandez Lopez

Senior Software Engineer - Android


Reactive Extensions are widely used on large scale successful Android applications, and for this, the most popular library is an adaptation of these Reactive Extensions, the very well known RxJava. What if we could use the existing Kotlin suspending functions asynchronously to return more than a single value?
How could we return multiple asynchronously backed results in Kotlin?
Kotlin Flows to the rescue!
Would Kotlin Flows replace RxJava in the long term on the Android platform? How could we start migrating smoothly to Flow on hybrid (Java & Kotlin) languages apps?
Can we fully avoid using callbacks now?

I am originally from Valencia (Spain), but so far I've lived in Belgium and for a while now in London (UK).

I consider myself a continuous learner, very enthusiastic about the Android platform & Kotlin language specifically.

I work as a Senior Software Engineer at Twitter, and I've participated in both Periscope and Twitter Android apps.
Currently I am working in making Search experience even better for Twitter for Android.

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