Visual (a.k.a. screenshot) testing with Vizzy

Raul Portales

Senior Software Engineer


You have your Unit Tests, Robolectric and even Espresso tests, and you can verify that a button with the right text is on screen... but how do you check that the style is consistent? or that the padding hasn't changed? or anything at all about the actual visual representation of the UI?
Vizzy is an open source tool that is designed to do precisely that: add visual tests to your pipeline, so you can take your tests to the next level.

Raul is a Software Engineer with a love for computers, electronics and gadgets in general since as long as he remembers. He jumped into Android as soon as it was released. Raul has worked on social networks, education, healthcare and even founded a gaming studio and a consultancy company. Specialized on mobile and UX, he speaks frequently at conferences and meetups.

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