Firebase and Kotlin: Extensions, Coroutines and Flows

Rosário Pereira Fernandes

Mobile App Developer


Android is now Kotlin-first, but most of the existing libraries and SDKs were written in Java.
Despite the effort that the Firebase team has put in coming up with KTX libraries for their Android SDK, there are still a few Kotlin features that have been missed out.

In this session, Rosário will talk about some of the features that are present in the KTX libraries and the features that you can implement yourself to get cleaner and more idiomatic Kotlin code.

You’ll learn how Sequences, Sealed Classes, Coroutines and Asynchronous Flow can provide you with a kotlin-first experience when working with Firebase’s Android Java SDK.

Rosário Pereira Fernandes is a Mobile App Developer at MozDevz and Organizer at GDG Maputo.
Rosário has made many contributions to the Firebase Open Source Community and answered hundreds of questions on StackOverflow. He generally helps developers improving the way they develop their apps.
When he's not doing one of these things, he enjoys playing video games.

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