Modern Android Apps with Jetpack Navigation

Tahsin Dane & Ahmet Safa Orhan

Android Developer & Android Trainer

Wayfair & Cactus.School

Announced in late 2018, Jetpack Navigation is still comparatively new yet powerful collection of tools that is advocated by Google since it was released. It simplifies and regulates how we navigate from one screen to another by providing necessary equipment and rules.

During this year we’ve been experimenting with Jetpack Navigation and have put it to the test under complex navigation scenarios including nested navigation hosts and modal screens that look differently on tablets and phones and we saw how navigation architecture component performs in a multi-module well-tested codebase.

In this talk we will go over various case studies where we pushed Jetpack Navigation to its limits and we will share our findings regarding its strengths and weaknesses.

Expert on Android. Works at Wayfair, Berlin as tech lead. Very passionate developer who tries to live on the bleeding edge of technology and is very interested in mobile UX.

Very serious with Kotlin. While already working with a modularized application, Kotlin has been proven to be effective and powerful. That's why we have been investigating Kotlin Multiplatform projects to be able to have a solid and platform agnostic architecture to share code across different platforms.

Safa worked in different sized companies as an Android Engineer.

After leaving his last position at Wayfair Berlin he currently builds online Android courses for different skill levels at Cactus.School: an aspiring school of digital crafts.

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