The brave new world of the Huawei divorce from Google - HMS and beyond!

Thean Hoogenboezem

Tech Lead - Mobile Engineering Lead


In the last two years the Android community, engineers and users alike, have been anxiously awaiting the outcome of the divorce between Google and Huawei after US sanctions forced American companies to cut ties with companies like Huawei. First of it appeared that the Tech giant would completely diverge developing their own OS along with environment to replace Android.

Fortunately for Huawei, users and engineers - Android is an open source project despite being maintained and improved by Goolge and the community of developers. The restriction prevents Huawei from using GMS services provided by Google to the Android OS. This creates a further divergence of the platform that was originally meant to create a uniform experience that could be used on multiple smartphones worldwide.

What are the implications and considerations that developers and users will have to take based on this? And what could the potential implication be of HMS being successful - as it very well will be - due to the significant market segment of Huawei device users, brand loyalists and ambassadors.

Thean is part of the mobile thought leadership at DVT. He has been developing Android apps for about 6 years. He started his career with a tech startup working on Encrypted communications VOIP and messaging apps. In the last 3 years he has been contributing to best practices and innovation within the Banking space. During this time, he worked on multiple features related to insurance, vehicle asset finance and day to day banking. In the last year joining a project of rebuilding an entire mobile banking platform/experience to improve capabilities and user experience. Using technologies and platforms like Android, iOS, SpringBoot and Backbase along with multiple tools to provide the best solutions for various requirements and challenges.

Developing skills in tech leadership to assist teams to implement best practices in Agile environments for mobile projects has been the focus of the past year. Presently working with a team in Mauritius for MCB (Mauritian Commercial Bank).

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