Garbage collection free video pipelines with Kotlin and coroutines

Tunji Dahunsi

Senior Software Engineer

Gamechanger Media

In today's world where social distancing is common place, video as a medium has become increasingly important; from video conferencing at work for those who work from home, to being the major way sports are experienced in lieu of being able to watch live in person.

This talk will touch lightly on the h264 and FLV formats, and cover the Android Camera2 APIs. We'll see how the Kotlin coroutines approach to structured concurrency makes it easy to create AV pipelines on Android with minimal object allocations.

You'll leave this session with an understanding on how to create your own fast, efficient, and robust video streaming experience.

Born in the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria; Tunji arrived in the US in 2009 for an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Shortly after, while pursing a Master's degree in Manufacturing Engineering, he got enamored by Android development during the "HOLO YOLO" phase spurned by the introduction of Android Ice Cream Sandwich and consequently switched career paths.

Today, when not at work helping improve the youth sports experience with Gamechanger, you'll find him tinkering with Android based home automation, and Android app design projects.

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