Experiments for your Android builds driven by Gradle Profiler

Ubiratan Soares

Software Engineer and Google Developer Expert


For large Android projects, Gradle builds might be a real pain. While tools like Gradle BuildScans and/or Gradle Enterprise are available out there, eventually they are not affordable or ideal for every team or they don't event represent the right tool for a given problem. For instance, one would like to evaluate experiments for Gradle builds, measuring and experimenting with locally generated data in order to figure out if the local build can actually improve given some particular change...

In this talk, we will learn more about Gradle Profiler, an open-source tool provided by the Gradle team which allows profiling and benchmarking of Gradle builds, driven by a high level description of scenarios to be exercised. Using this tool, we'll check how define, execute and check results for real experiments - using as targets some well know open-source Android projects - defining the scenarios and the hypothesis we want to validate.

We'll behold "when Data Science meets Build Engineering" and learn how the data generated by Gradle profiler can be used as an input of a classical Statistics tests in order to verify if we found something meaningful (or not) with our experiments. By leveraging such approach, you can evaluate if Gradle builds can effectively improve (or not) given some meaningful change you did at Dagger, Gradle, dependencies and/or modules setup for the project, using the scientific way.

I'm a Software Engineer working with Android development Barcelona, Spain. Nowadays I work for N26, the bank the world loves to use!

I have several years of experience with mobile development - across several industries - and I'm having fun with Kotlin since 2016. I’m a Google Developer Expert for Android and I love to talk with the software community and share some of my learnings. On free time, I like to play soccer with my kid, watch some movies and series and all the usual geek stuff.

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