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June 25th

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Welcome Address & Intro

Greg Fawson, CEO

droidcon Global



Become a Pro in Android Studio

Márton Braun

Software Engineer II



A tips and tricks session on making the most out of our best friend - and sometimes worst enemy - Android Studio.

We spend countless hours editing code and performing related tasks in Android Studio every day. This makes knowing about all of its capabilities and mastering its shortcuts a worthy endeavor. In this talk, we'll look at the things that every Android developer should be using in the IDE. We'll also touch on some features that are not essential, but are nice to know about.



Crash-Reporting for Large Android Teams

Sakis Kaliakoudas

Android Engineering MAnager


You just joined a team of 40 Android engineers working in a gigantic codebase. These 40 engineers are split into 15 product teams, each one overseeing the development of a particular area of the app. A few weeks in, you ship your first feature to production and you are eager to see how it's behaving in production and whether any crashes are occurring. Opening any of the crash-reporting tools can be a pretty daunting task in a big app, as even though the application might have a really good crash-free rate, it's not easy to attribute any of the crashes to a particular product team, and, thus, identify the crashes that belong to the screens that you've built!

As part of this talk, we will explore how we got about solving this problem in Babylon Health, in an Android team of 40 engineers, by decentralizing our crash-rate and, through the use of tooling, creating separate crash-rates for every product team to track.




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