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Sept 24th

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Welcome Address & Intro

Greg Fawson, CEO

droidcon Global


Speed up Android Builds and Fan Out

Tamas Bazsonyi

Success on mobile is about speed and it's about quality. In this webinar, Bitrise Sales engineer Tamas Bazsonyi explains how to get the best of both, by demonstrating how to combine speed and quality by speeding up Android builds on Bitrise. We are going to share a couple of suggestions to speed up your android builds and also share a sample solution for fan out builds with your Android project.

Parallel testing and test reporting
From a high level, the process will look like:
Trigger X test workflows from a Primary workflow and wait for them to complete
Gather the test results from all X fan out workflows via the Bitrise API
Generate a single Test Report for all X test results using bash

Automated testing can be a slow process, especially when working with a large number of test cases. This method aims to speed up testing and your builds.




Building a DevOps Pipeline With Bitrise

Peter John Welcome

Mobile Engineering Lead 


Mobile DevOps is an important part of the development life cycle, especially when working in a team. This helps with the following: to insure quality and consistency in code, the deployment of test builds for QA engineers as well as to automate the processes of deploying our apps to production. This talk will demonstrate how we can achieve all of this with a mobile DevOps service called Bitrise. We will look at getting our first build green, to building multiple workflows with steps that include linting, unit testing with code coverage reports and archiving of our app for production. We will also create custom triggers for each part of our development process. In the end we will have learnt how to create fully functional workflows for our code review process. We will also learn how to get test builds to our QA engineers and deploy our app to Beta on the Play Store when ready.




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