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August 13th

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Greg Fawson, CEO

droidcon Global


Secure your app's data with JetSec

Monika Kumar Jethani

Android Engineer

Walmart Labs

Encrypting data-at-rest in the android app has always been a daunting task for app devs. But, this has now become easier with Jetpack’s new JetSec(Jetpack security) library.

JetSec enables the devs to encrypt and read/write to the data-at-rest as well as assists the devs in key creation and maintenance, without compromising on the performance. Most importantly, the developer need not worry about which algorithm to use and need not know the ins and outs of security.

This talk will cover the following,
1- Need and challenges of encryption for data-at-rest.
2- Key creation and management with JetSec(including how JetSec protects the master key and keyset, what’s Android Keystore) and deep-dive into double-layer security model of JetSec.
3- What if the use case requires using time-bound keys? What if the use case is that keys shouldn’t be accessed if the device is locked?
4- Overview of JetSec API to encrypt commonly used sensitive data(example: files, API keys, oath tokens, shared preferences) and read/write to the encrypted data. This will be demonstrated with a demo and users with be shown how the file’s contents were, before and after encryption.
5- What does JetSec use under the hood?
6- What’s new in JetSec 1.0.0-rc02?

This talk will make the participants well-versed with data encryption on android and JetsSec and enable them to use it in their apps.




LiveData, Coroutines, and Flow. How we live for over two years without RxJava.

Alexey Glukharev

Android Team Lead and Co-founder

Nova Ocean

Over two years ago, we, as a team, decided to create a new application without RxJava but using ViewModels, LiveDatas, and Coroutines. At that time, it was a tough and risky decision because many of the things we used were in beta.
For now, we have a great experience to have all of this in the production builds.
We still develop our toolbox, and now we use Kotlin Flow on Domain level.




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