Soft Skills Summit & Hiring Fair




The Hard Truth about Soft Skills

Stacey Devino

Principal Android


Do you frequently feel like you are speaking “out of turn” or have trouble “reading the room”?

Have you ever given thought to why you like working for your Lead so much or maybe don't?

Wondering what is holding you back on that promotion from Mid-level engineer to Senior?

Did you know that Principal Engineers and Software Architects spend about half their day or maybe more in meetings?

The truth is that "Hard" skills, technical skills, without the "Soft", interpersonal skills, to complement or back them up have real limits on career progression and overall career happiness. Think about it! It is honestly, the majority of the content in any Interview. Soft Skills are attainable, just like any other skill. Let’s identify the areas we have trouble in, how to recognize them, and methods to overcome each in real-time.

Our focus will be on building skills to answer the following questions:

Can you speak clearly about what you know?
Can you explain and demonstrate at the same time?
Can you be a decent human being to those around you?
Can you take what you know and replicate it in others?

Stacy is currently leading Android @StitchFix, an Intel Innovator, GDG Organizer, WTM Ambassador, WWC Evangelist, fmr. WTM North America Mentor, fmr. GDG Mentor, and fmr. GDE Android. She has worked on Android Applications down through to the Android OS and even developed IoT appliances from the ground up which are in use by companies like Apple and Amazon Her work has been featured on sites like Wired, Gizmodo, and Stacy is focused on leading projects and building teams that create rich media user experiences to drive engagement.